2016 October 1 – 7

Fake terrorist videos for sale

Last week, the theme of our commentary was “The age of propaganda is upon us.” The theme for this week really is just a continuation of that – in spades. It was motivated by the folloing story:

video-icon_4-41-22_smallThe US Department of Defense has spent over $500 million since 2006 to create fake terrorist videos to fool the public into supporting a war against terrorism.

360_olympics_terror_0727-2Bell Pottinger is the British PR firm that made the videos. The DVDs were planted by the US military at various raid sites so they would be ‘discovered’ and thought to be authentic. They contained an embedded code so their locations could be tracked. RPI 2016 Oct 3 (Story)

There is nothing lower on the moral scale than tricking innocent people into wanting to kill other innocent people.

G. Edward Griffin

2016 October 7


video-icon_4-41-22_smallA synthetic opioid drug called Carfentanil is deadly in very small quantities – even smaller than a grain of salt. It is soluble and skin-permeable. All major governments have researched it as a weapon that can be sprayed on enemy soldiers, terrorists, or civilian populations. In 2002, it was used against terrorists in Russia resulting in the deaths, not only of the terrorists, but their civilian hostages as well. A Chinese manufacturer says that any ban would be impossible to enforce, because there are too many laboratories producing it in China. [That statement makes one wonder who is buying this stuff.] AP 2016 Oct 7 (Story)

In a major victory for gold and silver traders, a price-manipulation lawsuit against bullion banks is ordered to proceed. In a scramble for deals with the prosecution, cartel members are turning against each other. ZeroHedge 2016 Oct 6 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallSyrian President Assad is making solid gains in Aleppo against the eastern side of the city that is held by US-backed rebels and other opposition forces. He has offered amnesty to rebel fighters if they lay down their weapons, but so far they have rejected the offer. Analysts are predicting that Aleppo will fall to Assad. Reuters 2016 Oct 6 (Story)

Russia warned the US not to intervene militarily in Syria against forces loyal to President Assad, threatening that it may shoot down any aircraft attempting to launch strikes. Russia also warned American strategists against covert attacks, referring to the US airstrike that killed Syrian troops on September 17, said to be an accident. Obama is reluctant to engage directly. ABC News 2016 Oct 6 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallAfter 100,000 women protested in the streets, Poland’s Parliament rejected a bill that proposed increasing the present ban on abortions. The proposed bill would have prohibited abortion even in cases where the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life, was a result of rape, or if the fetus has severe birth defects. France24 2016 Oct 6 (Story)

The Pentagon admitted that, in the last two years, the US has routinely brought Afghan soldiers to the US for training – despite knowing that the Afghan Army is infiltrated by Islamic militants who have carried out attacks on Westerners. Forty-four of these soldiers have disappeared into the US population since January, 2015, and likely are in sleeper cells awaiting orders. InfoWars 2016 Oct 6 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallHighlights from the debate between Vice President hopefuls: Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence. Many news and online sites declared Pence won the debate despite (or because) of Kaine’s 72 interruptions. Both candidates were forced to defend their partners’ reputations. C-Span 2016 Oct 5 (Story)

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CBS News explains Donald Trump’s tax deductions and how ordinary taxpayers and small business owners also use net operating-loss deductions (NOL). Trump came under attack because he claimed a large NOL deduction based on business losses in the same year. Deducting losses from gains is logical and ethical – and no one has an obligation to pay more taxes than the law requires. CBS News 2016 Oct 5 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallMexico: Human traffickers are telling people to hire them NOW to get them into the US before the border is shut down by Donald Trump, should he be elected President. In response, illegal aliens are surging into the US at the rate of 1,000 per day. Next News Network 2016 Oct 5 (Story)

South Africa: Wits University has shut down for the second time this month due to black-student violent protests over the cost of education and on racial inequality. The Star 2016 Oct 5 (Story) (Cached)

New York: Democrat organizers calling themselves immigration activists called upon Obama to clear the citizenship-application backlog so half a million immigrants can vote in the presidential election in November. In the last year, nearly 940,000 immigrants applied to be come citizens, a 23% increase over the previous 12 months. Observer 2016 Oct 5 (Story) (Cached)

The EU raced to approve the UN’s Paris climate treaty ahead of schedule. Delegates fear that Donald Trump, if elected President, will make good on his vow to end US participation. With the addition of 28 EU nations, the agreement cleared the hurdle of 55 countries required for the treaty to enter into effect. The EU parliament needs one month for approval, so the treaty could come into force by November 7, one day before US elections. [No one in government or the media – not even Trump – is mentioning that the US Constitution requires treaties to be approved by the Senate, which has not happened. By simply ignoring the Constitution, the oligarchs are pretending that the treaty is binding on the US and hoping no one will notice. So far, they are getting away with it.] Washington Times 2016 Oct 4 (Story) (Cached)

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video-icon_4-41-22_smallSeattle: Under the banner of searching for signs of domestic violence before it happens, the police department has been monitoring and tracking the location of Washington state residents who post on social media. The software was purchased from a CIA-funded company, Geofeedia. The police department obtained the technology in 2014 but says it no longer is being used. Companies such as McDonald’s also use Geofeedia to collect data on employees and job applicants. RT 2016 Oct 4 (Story)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallSyria: The Russian Embassy in Damascus was hit with mortar fire by rebels shortly after the US announced it was terminating peace and ceasefire negotiations. It is unclear which group of rebels fired on the embassy, but the timing of the attack shows that it was tied to the US announcement. RT 2016 Oct 4 (Story)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallRussia has brought an advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile system into Syria. The system could extend Russian and Syrian control over a much wider area than at present. It is unknown if this will be used against US pilots. CNN 2016 Oct 4 (Story)

The US terminated peace and ceasefire negotiations with Russia and Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry said that Russia violated its agreement to allow humanitarian aid into Aleppo. [In last week’s edition of Need to Know news, we reported that the al-Nusra rebel commander said he was supported by the US and that his group is preventing aid trucks from entering the city, so the charge that Russia is responsible for this is questionable.] Kerry also blamed Russia for the bombing of an aid convoy, but Russia and Syria have denied responsibility. Washington Times 2016 Oct 4 (Story) (Cached)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, instead of waiting for parliament to ratify the Paris climate treaty, decreed that Canada will impose a tax on carbon emissions starting in 2018. Provinces and territories either can put a direct tax on carbon emissions of US $7.60 a ton or adopt a cap-and-trade system. If a province fails to do either by 2018, the central government will do it for them. The carbon tax of US $7.60 per ton will rise each year until it reaches $38.11 a ton by 2022. ABC News 2016 Oct 3 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallA UN report blames the US and the EU for literally destroying Syria through sanctions against its economy. In the wake of this, thousands of children are abandoned and living on the streets in Damascus. They beg on the streets for their employers, bringing back $20 per day per child, and most of them are sexually abused. RT 2016 Oct 3 (Story)

Sylacauga, Alabama: A 17-year old high school student, Brian Ogle, was jumped by several black teens following a football game, and his skull was broken in three places. The attack resulted from a disagreement on social media about Black Lives Matter and the fact that Ogle expressed support for the police. Ogle was threatened online, but school officials said they could do nothing about it. The boy’s mother says that this attack was racially motivated and a hate crime. College Fix 2016 Oct 3 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallAthens, Greece: Police fired tear gas and pepper spray at 1,500 pensioners who were protesting pension cuts and higher taxes. This was in the wake of new austerity measures imposed by international lenders. CCTV News 2016 Oct 3 (Story)


The US government ordered $126 million in non-US standard ammunition. It is not intended for US military and does not have US government identification markings. The purpose is to supply undisclosed foreign military and revolutionary forces. UPI 2016 Oct 3 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallHungary’s referendum to approve the EU’s new migrant quotas was rejected by 98% of the voters. However, only 43% of eligible voters cast their vote, and a 51% majority of all registered voters is required to make the rejection valid. The Hungarian Prime Minister has vowed to obtain a change in the constitution to allow a majority of those actually voting to decide. RT 2016 Oct 3 (Story)

German mayor beaten unconscious after announcing plan to accept refugees. In the sleepy little town of Oersdorf, with a population of 900, Mayor Joachim Kebschull was clubbed in the side of the head and fell unconscious after he ignored repeated warnings that included two bomb threats and a letter that read, “He who will not listen will have to feel.” The attack was in response to his advocacy of bringing refugees into town. Kebschull is expected to make a full recovery. ZeroHedge 2016 Oct 1 (Story) (Cached)

Hundreds of migrants are sleeping on the streets of Paris. A railway depot is being prepared as a camp for 600 men, and a second camp is planned for 350 women and children. This is to replace the makeshift sleeping camps that have sprung up around the city. The camps will cost taxpayers $7.3 million. [Tourism is the first victim.] I-News posted 2016 Oct 1 (Story) (Cached)

Google, owner of YouTube, has implemented a policy of removing the opportunity to derive advertising revenue from videos that are deemed potentially offensive. YouTube has expanded its censorship policies by encouraging users that they call ‘Heroes’ to flag content that isn’t politically correct. Personal Liberty posted 2016 Oct 1 (Story) (Cached)



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video-icon_4-41-22_smallThe Russian government says it is preparing for a possible nuclear attack and, this month, will execute a nation-wide preparedness drill that will evacuate more than forty-million people into underground bunkers. [We suspect that this announcement was made mostly for the psychological impact it is expected to have on US voters. It is intended to generate political opposition to aggressive US military moves in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, and elsewhere. Nevertheless, it is a grim reminder that we are living in precarious times made all the worse by the fact that the character and psychological profile of world leaders are at historic lows. In other words, anything can happen beyond logic or even intent.] Next News Network 2016 Oct 3 (Story)

Pigeon arrested on espionage charges! Well, not really. India is detaining a pigeon, sent from Pakistan, that carried a threatening message to the Indian Prime Minister advising him that every child in Pakistan now is ready to fight against India, and that they are not the same people who lost the Indo-Pak War in 1971. RT 2016 Oct 2 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallAuthor, Robert David Steele, served in the Marine Corps for 20 years and was a caseworker for the CIA. In this interview, he says: “Most terrorists are false-flag terrorists or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.” [This is a perceptive analysis of a war on terrorism that, in reality, is a war USING terrorism for hidden agendas. The entire program is worth watching, but Steele’s statement begins at about 12:18 in Part Two.] Free Thought Project 2016 Oct 1 (Story) (Cached)

Deutsche Bank is on the precipice of collapse, and its biggest risk is $46 trillion in derivative contracts, which represents 12% of the derivatives market worldwide. If DB implodes, other banks are so closely interconnected that they, also, will be devastated. If there is a bank run, DB will have four options: sell assets to raise capital, get a short-term loan from the EU Central Bank, get a taxpayer-funded bail-out by the German government, or do a bail-in whereby the money is legally stolen from bank depositors. [The latter option would trigger bank runs and cause banks to close their doors.] ZeroHedge 2016 Oct 1 (Story) (Cached)

The International Monetary Fund added the Chinese renminbi, also known as the yuan, to its SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket of currencies. China’s plan has been to dethrone the US dollar as the world reserve currency, and it expects to do this by replacing it with a new international currency tied to SDRs. To facilitate this, the World Bank is issuing SDR bonds, the first of which were offered in August for $3 billion. The interest on these bonds will be paid in Chinese yuan. The head of the People’s Bank of China says that the SDR has the potential to act as a world reserve currency. The US will do everything possible to thwart this plan. Corbett Report 2016 Oct 1 (Story) (Cached)


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Dear Abby, my mother is mean and short tempered. I think she is going through mental pause.

Dear Abby, you told some woman whose husband had lost all interest in sex to send him to a doctor. Well, my husband lost all interest in sex and he is a doctor. Now what do I do?

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2016 Oct 6 from Gordon Claycomb
Mr. Griffin, I recently listened to your excellent speech on the hidden rings of the master conspirators on YouTube. During your talk you mentioned giving the Panama Canal to the Panamanian government and how US citizens did not want this done. I remember it well being 80 now, myself. You may already know and were pressed for time in your speech but the US government allegedly PAID the Panama government $25 billion to take the gift. Smelling a rat, I looked further into it and discovered that the check/transfer of the money did not go to Panama but instead went directly from the US Treasury to the Chase Manhattan bank (David R. was President then). Panama owed Chase 25 billion at the time!. Interestingly, he left that out of his memoirs tome.


2016 Oct 6 from greatalpacaeye
Mr. Griffin, this is concerning your condemnation of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. [See “Jewish Conspiracy?“] Let me be clear: I do NOT believe in a Jewish conspiracy, and I do NOT believe you would be part of it. However, there is a conspiracy. A Satanic conspiracy. In modern times, it takes the form of the group called the Illuminati. They wrote the Protocols, and changed all references to themselves to references of the Jews in order to thinly veil the work in case it would leak. And it did.

The Illuminati works through front organizations, like the CFR, RIIA, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, Inner Masonry, etc. They also work with the Jesuits. Their goal is a New World Order – the Kingdom of the Antichrist.

Hello greatalpacaeye.
I do not question the possibility that the Illuminati exists today under that name nor that its members wrote The Protocols, but I have not been able to verify that from primary sources. Yes, there obviously is a group behind the mayhem in the world today, but how can we be sure that this group calls itself the Illuminati and that it forged The Protocols? As a writer and historian, I am expected to document claims such as this. Can you tell me how you know this to be true other than accepting the opinions of someone who wrote a book but who has no first-hand knowledge? This question is not meant to be critical of the claim but merely is a request for help in substantiating it when it is challenged. Thank you.


2016 Oct 1 from: Rochelle Pereira
Subject: AGE OF PROPAGANDA IS UPON US – Need to Know News 2016 September 30
Hi Mr. Griffin, I’m glad to read your words… I couldn’t agree more. It’s all about using terrorism to manipulate people to get “their approval”, and to steal other countries. These wars are made by robbers that wear ties. It’s all about power and money. I really appreciate your News. Thank you.


2016 Oct 1 from: Steven Van Epps
Dear Mr. Griffin,
I am realizing more and more how shortsighted conservative pundits such as you have become. A case in point is this week’s “Need to Know” article “The age of propaganda is upon us,” blaming the media for causing the people to become ‘brainwashed’ by the media propaganda machine. I believe this excuse is simply putting the cart before the horse.

We live in a world of cause and effect. We need to ask ourselves, did the mainstream media CAUSE the people to become brainwashed to believe the lies they promulgate, or did the people CAUSE the mainstream media to parrot the lies that the people had already come to believe. It has become evidently clear to me that the latter case is the truth. …

If the people understood their own human nature from a biblical point of view, it becomes evident that the media merely serves to reflect the content of their character. Sinners have itching ears clamoring for someone to tell them what they want to hear, and the mainstream media serves that need. Therefore, the “propaganda upon us” is merely a device for people to deflect attention from their own dark hearts. And your article is proof of that fallacy.

Steven has advanced the theory that the media tells lies, not because those lies are passed to them by the government, but because people are evil and prefer lies over truth. I am chomping at the bit to comment on this but, instead, I think it will more interesting to see what our readers think about that. If you care to weigh in on this issue, send your comments here. (under 300 words, please.)


2016 Oct 1 from: Chris
Ed, the night following the presidential debacle, I had a dream: At the beginning of the dream, I was in a convention room where Clinton was (and a lotta other people). She was skulking around w/her hands to her side and her head slightly tilted forwards (like a mental patient on psycho drugs). I was following her around and asking her questions. Every answer was a low pitched grunt (no words). That’s all she did … skulk around and grunt. Strange.

Towards the end of the dream I was in a country town like something you’d see in 50’s New Hampshire. There was a huge old weather-worn brown barn with a rusted tin roof on it, and a few public buildings and houses nearby and gravel roads. A baby vulture was perched atop the peak of the barn, pecking at the electrical service to the barn. Knowing that would cause problems, I shouted up to the vulture, “stop it!”. But then I realized the vulture was EIGHT FEET TALL! So I shut my mouth and snuck away.

Meanwhile a huge tough guy came out of his house and threw a BIG ROCK at the bird, only to be chased by it till it bit off his head!

On reflection, that vulture looked an awful lot like Trump. I guess my mind was telling me these 2 things about those creatures:
1. Clinton is a puppet (besides being a master liar).
2. Trump is a VULTURE (I like to view investors types as GANGSTERS). VULTURE = GANGSTER.

Trump is dipping his beak in the power structure (for deals that yield $$$, no doubt). Nothing like a good dream to cut through the bull… err … propaganda.


2016 Oct 1 from brian Fahey
Dear Mr Griffin.
George Soros is a US citizen and a Hungarian citizen. He has supported several groups which undermine the stability of the USA, therefore he is a candidate for the charge of TREASON. A charge which should be immediately applied. Additionally, his funds and possessions need to be locked down and, if not in the USA, he should be extradited to same.


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