Real news about fake news

The more that mainstream media screeches about ‘fake news’ from whistleblowers and others exposing corruption in government, the more obvious it is becoming to mainstream citizens that it is the media, itself, that is the greatest purveyor of fake news.

We should be grateful to the propagandists for giving us an excellent phrase to throw back in their faces. Although it was designed as a word weapon to discredit alternative media, it is turning out to be a double-edged sword that cuts mainstream media more deeply than its intended victims.

The following reports from this week’s news are good examples of why even the readers of controlled news are becoming aware, indirectly, that they need to question what they see and hear from establishment sources, such as national networks and social media. Make sure your friends are made aware of these stories – and the rest of the news as well.

G. Edward Griffin

2016 December 23


Egypt: Five people were arrested for making staged “wounded children” photos, which they were planning to use on social media as proof of destruction and injured people in Aleppo, Syria. The same group also made fake videos that purport to show the wreckage caused by Russian air strikes in Aleppo. [Notice that this report did not include anyhting about who these people were, who they worked for, or what motivated them to do this. Withholding facts is just as bad as lying about them.] ZeroHedge 2016 Dec 20 (Story) (Cached)

Germany’s government is planning to fine social-media companies up to $520,000 if they fail to delete so-called ‘fake news’ within 24 hours of being detected. [Fake news is whatever the government wants to censor.] ARS Technica 2016 Dec 19 (Story) (Cached)


Alleppo, Syria: The last rebels withdrew from the city late on Thursday under a ceasefire deal in which an estimated 35,000 people, mostly civilians, departed. The carnage, however, has not ceased. From outside the city, these US-backed rebels shelled Aleppo on Friday, killing three people. Reuters 2016 Dec 23 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallAustrian police are handing out 6,000 alarms to women prior to New Year’s Eve to ward off sex attacks by Muslim migrants. [We think 6,000 pistols would be far more effective.] InfoWars 2016 Dec 22 (Story)

The Italian government has approved a €20-billion bail-in for banks on the brink of failure. In this case, the bail-in will use bondholders’ money, but depositors will be on the hook in future cases. The banking industry is more concerned with maintaining confidence in the system than fixing the problem. ZeroHedge 2016 Dec 22 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallA disturbing trend in Islamic terror attacks involves the use of children for suicide missions. The young also are trained in guerilla warfare. The brainwashing begins when children believe there is nothing good in the world. RT 2016 Dec 22 (Story)

Greenville, Mississippi: Andrew McClinton, 45, a black man, was arrested and charged with burning the church of which he was a member and defacing its outer walls with “Vote Trump” graffiti. An insurance representative said that the fire was not politically motivated. If it was not politically motivated, then could the motive have been to collect insurance and donations to pay for a church renovation – and blame the fire on white racists? In addition to the insurance coverage, $240,000 was raised in an Internet GoFundMe project. Daily Caller 2016 Dec 21 (Story) (Cached)

Turkey: Mevlut Mert Altintas, a young off-duty police officer, killed Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey. A remote-controlled camera recorded him shouting “Allahu Akbar” and pledging allegiance to Mohammed before he was shot dead by Turkish forces. EuroNews 2016 Dec 21 (Story)

Anis Amri, 24, has been named as the main suspect in the Berlin truck attack after finding his ID in the cab of the truck. It is unknown if he had accomplices. Earlier this year Amri was classified by German police as a “potential threat”. Prior to arriving in Germany, Amri spent four years in an Italian prison for burning a school. It is reported that he also was convicted in absentia for aggravated theft with violence and sentenced to five years in prison. Fox News 2016 Dec 21 (Story) (Cached)

There are certain facts about Anis Amri, the main suspect in the Berlin truck massacre, that support the suspicion that authorities knew the attack was imminent but did nothing to prevent it. Amri was well known to Italian and German authorities as a person with intent to commit acts of violence and he was being closely monitored. He was arrested by Italian authorities for trying to enter the country with a fake passport and he even shot a policeman during the confrontation. Authorities knew he had entered Germany with no identification papers but did not deport him. Heavy 2016 Dec 21 (Story) (Cached)

Germany: Prime-Minister Angela Merkel has assured voters that skilled migrants would become employed, pay taxes, and pay for the pensions of aging Germans. In contrast, only 34,000 out of 1.2 million migrants (36%) have obtained jobs, and nearly a quarter of those are temporary. Two-thirds are illiterate in their own languages, and nearly all are reliant on welfare. Information Liberation 2016 Dec 21 (Story) (Cached)

Obama is teaming up with Eric Holder to file lawsuits in Republican dominated legislatures in order to redistrict them so Democrats can regain control. Their plans dovetail with George Soros’ agenda to change election laws, such as citizenship verification and voter ID. Conservative HQ 2016 Dec 21 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallScotland: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is calling for Scotland to remain in the EU in spite of the UK vote in favor of leaving. She says she will call for a referendum for Scottish secession from the UK, if necessary. AFP 2016 Dec 20 (Story)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallChina’s currency is at an eight and a-half-year low, prompting citizens to move their money out of the country by buying foreign currencies and overseas assets. Many are investing in the US. In response, Chinese banks are threatening to blacklist those who engage in large transactions out of the country. Reuters 2016 Dec 20 (Story)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallBerlin, Germany: Twelve people were killed and nearly fifty injured when a truck plowed through a Christmas market in an attack that was quickly claimed by ISIS. The suspect is a refugee – one of over a million refugees allowed into Germany by Angela Merkel’s open-border policy. Stefan Molyneux exhorts the citizens of Europe to rise up against the mass immigration of refugees who are predominantly young Muslim males who threaten to dominate Christian European culture. Stefan Molyneux 2016 Dec 19 (Story)


Los Angeles political leaders have reacted to Trump’s promise to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities who attempt to prevent deportation of illegal aliens. They announced a new $10-million fund to provide legal assistance for the illegals. Los Angeles taxpayers from the city and county will bankroll half of the fund whether they approve or not. The other half is expected to come from politically motivated groups that want to skew demographics so that Democrats remain in power. CBS 2016 Dec 19 (Story)

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Syria has provided evidence to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons showing that Western-backed rebels used mustard gas, a banned chemical agent, against civilians in Aleppo last September. 21st Century Wire 2016 Dec 18 (Story) (Cached)

US: Henry Kissinger says that all countries have hacking capabilities and that every intelligence service probably is hacking into other countries, but no one wants to admit the scope of what they are doing. He has no doubt that Russia is hacking the US and he hopes the US is hacking Russia. CBS 2016 Dec 18 (Story)

Yemen: Nearly 2.2 million children are acutely malnourished due to shortages and the near-collapse of the health-care system caused by the two-year war between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia. At least one child dies every ten minutes in Yemen because of malnutrition and preventable diseases. TFC posted 2016 Dec 17 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallUS: Ron Paul criticizes the CIA for making accusations against Russia without any evidence to support them, while the CIA itself, has meddled in hundreds of elections in foreign countries. He says that Americans should be more concerned about CIA domestic assassinations and abuses of American liberty and privacy than worrying about alleged interference from overseas. RT 2016 Dec 17 (Story)

US: Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is asking Donald Trump to investigate why the US Department of Homeland Security tried to hack-attack Georgia’s election-computer network on ten occasions. These hacks from DHS were done on the same dates that Kemp criticized the DHS plan to designate elections systems as “critical infrastructure.” State officials say this designation could be used to justify a federal takeover of all state election systems. Washington Post posted 2017 Dec 17 (Story) (Cached)

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News and commentaries that reveal historical facts and trends that place current events into perspective and make it possible to anticipate future events.

video-icon_4-41-22_smallThe late Andrew Breitbart explains that the Frankfurt School started as a think tank in Germany prior to World War I. After World War II, it adopted an agenda to spread Marxism throughout the world. Most of the Frankfurt School settled in Santa Monica, USA, in the 1940’s, but were frustrated by the success of capitalism that surrounded them. In response, they developed ‘cultural Marxism’ which now we experience daily as political correctness and multiculturalism. Schools everywhere began teaching topics that pit Americans against each other. Saul Alinsky consolidated the philosophy into actionable rules, and many newscasters now follow those rules. Hoover Institute posted 2016 Dec 19 (Story)

Venezuela: Last week, the 100-bolivarnote, the largest denomination of currency in the country, was worth two cents on the black market and fourteen cents at the official rate. This difference encouraged speculators to acquire the bills in the black market and spend them in stores where prices are kept artificially low by government-fixed prices. That, in turn, led to product shortages and runaway inflation. Then President Maduro announced that these notes would be pulled from circulation in 72 hours and would be worthless after that. Millions of Venezuelans scrambled to turn in their cash in exchange for newly printed notes of much higher denomination, but the new currency never arrived at the banks. Maduro then announced that the old bills will be good until January 2nd.. By then it was too late. The people had been tricked into giving their savings to the banks. Maduro declared a ‘victory’, because the banks had gone from holding just 2% of the nation’s currency to a whopping 80%. Such is collectivism. The Guardian 2016 Dec 18 (Story) (Cached)

video-icon_4-41-22_smallStefan Molyneux shows how socialist / collectivist monetary policies in Venezuela led to its current state with people starving in the streets. This is the most comprehensive analysis of the Venezuela tragedy we have seen – Molyneux is at his best. Stefan Molyneux posted 2016 Dec 18 (Story)


“Of all tyrannies. a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

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Need to Know is as serious as it gets, but laughter is good for the soul and helps to keep our equilibrium amid the chaos. So, here are quips, gags, and images to put a smile on your face. If you have some you would like to share, please send them here.

Why Don’t Blind People Like To Sky Dive?
Because It Scares The Dog.

What Kind Of Coffee Was Served On The Titanic?

Why Did Pilgrims’ Pants Fall Down?
Because They Wore Their Belt Buckles On Their Hats.

What’s The Difference Between a Bad Golfer And a Bad Skydiver? A Bad Golfer Goes, Whack, Dang! A Bad Skydiver Goes Dang! Whack.

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

cameraicon_1IT’S AMAZING

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2016 Dec 19 from Jerry Scott
Four Gasses are critical to life systems on earth, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and CO2. They have branded CO2 as a dirty pollutant. What kind of a FOOL does that? Methane and natural gas are ten times more greenhouse effective than CO2. The earth bleeds it from every pore in mega tons and most of it eventually oxidizes to water and CO2. The amazing thing is it cannot be stopped or regulated and therefor is not taxable. They have picked CO2 for the obvious reason that it can lead to taxes and carbon exchanges and great wealth and power and people control by certain ELITES.


2016 Dec 19 from Tom Cornwell
Dear Ed,
I believe that your opening article in this week’s ‘Need to Know’ [Those guys in Russia are to blame for everyting] is right on the money. Every word. I wonder how the Seth Rich murder investigation is going, by the way. Regarding all of this ‘fake news’ business, there is an appropriate Polish term for it, ‘gówno prawda’, which translates literally to ‘shit truth’ or more commonly, ‘bullshit’.


2016 Dec 17 from Jerry Hewes
Ed, regarding your editorial, YOU CANNOT PROVE THERE ARE NO GHOSTS –

My neighbor and I were discussing this partly because he believes ghosts are real, having seen his dead Dad in an episode. I questioned the ghost’s purpose. No response. Thinking now I ask, what do ghosts stand on? How do they know when or how to stand on ground (which means they have mass) and when or how to pass through walls? However his ghost was seen to maneuver around a truck which he could just pass through. Well, on and on the blather could flow. Excellent post today. It reveals how thoroughly ghost technology has entered our new media.


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cs_lewis-2C.S. Lewis
British novelist, poet, academic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer. 1898 – 1963

“Of all tyrannies. a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

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